Saturday, January 22, 2011

Contributions, both material and spiritual

Dengue fever, an excruciating illness common to tropical regions, has flared again in Peru. One of my projects involves trying to predict when such outbreaks will occur. As I gather data and brainstorm which calculations would be best, perhaps I can pray for those who are stricken with this illness.

If our results are able to accurately predict an outbreak, measures may be able to be taken to reduce the disease's spread and resources may be better positioned to aid those who are stricken. My work might materially lead to help for them.

But by offering my work on this project as a prayer for their intentions, perhaps my work can also spiritually lead to help for them.

On this project alone, I can think of others for whom I might prayerfully offer my work: for the public health officials who have collected the data that we're using, for the computer scientists who have developed the programs that we're using, for other researchers whose earlier findings we might use, for the organizations that are financially sponsoring this work ...

May my good work receive meaning anew by undertaking it with a prayerful spirit.

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