Saturday, January 1, 2011

A chance to be heard

Almost 5000 people work at the lab where I work. More than half of them have an "account" on our "internal social network." Through this network, each person has a "dashboard," from which they can "follow" colleagues, join a variety of "groups," and even maintain their own "blog."

Whenever any member submits a blog post, it is visible on the "mainpage," able to be seen by anyone (whether or not they are a "follower"). Most people use their blogs to pose technical questions like "What software tool would be best?" or post links to news stories such as "This company will soon begin making a new type of sensor."

But "Greg" has a blog that is a little bit different. On his blog, he posts reflections on a "Scripture of the day" or shares "words of encourages" or narrates recent "conversion stories." Courageously, he shares his Christian faith in a place where it isn't necessarily expected (or intended).

In a sense, Greg is like me: missionary. Moreover, he and I share the same "mission field": a secular research lab which doesn't have an appointed chaplain or other formal means by which the Gospel can be shared. Seeing his blog has made me wonder. Should I start a blog similar to Greg's?

Whereas Greg posts general Christian encouragement, I could focus on specific truths and celebrations of the Catholic Church. Granted, not every colleague likely checks this social network regularly. (I'd guess it's probably closer to ten percent.) But every blog post is immediately given high visibility for those who do check. Is this my chance to be heard?

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  1. Danger Will Robinson! Danger!
    I admire your desire to witness but you don't have to commit career suicide to be a witness for Christ. I think you are doing a fine job of witnessing right now. Standard career protocol is to keep your personal life separate from work life. I realize that this philosophy is no longer in vogue but that's because the boss wants the employee to be a slave to the job by breaking down the barrier between home and work. Being a witness and being a martyr are two separate paths. Don't be confused. Keep on the path you are on. You are ok.


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