Thursday, October 14, 2010

On my way to work

Another important step for me to having a good day at work is going to Mass on my way to work. For instance, this morning, as I walked from the church to my car, I thought, "I have gone to pray. Now I am going to work." This gave me great satisfaction.

I had prepared myself materially - getting cleaned up, putting on my button-down shirt, packing my lunch. Now, I had also presented myself to be prepared spiritually. "The Lord has given me a job to do. I must do it well."

Then, twenty-five minutes later, as I walked from my car to my office, I still had the taste from Mass in my mouth. "I've got His Blood in my veins and His Flesh on my bones," I thought. By going to Mass and receiving Christ in the Eucharist on my way to work, I had renewed my resolve to be His representative at work.

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