Friday, October 8, 2010

Cooperating with Christ at work, II

St. Jose Maria Escriva also offers encouragement on the great spiritual opportunites included within our work. Even at the office, I can envision my efforts - writing computer code, performing calculations, describing analysis - as "a participation in the creative work of God." (Albeit, this often is not easy!) He continues,

When he created man and blessed him, he said: "Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, and conquer it. Be masters of the fish of the sea, the birds of heaven and all living animals on the earth." And, moreover, since Christ took it into his hands, work has become for us a redeemed and redemptive reality. Not only is it the background of man's life, it is a means and path of holiness. It is something to be sanctified and something which sanctifies. (Christ is Passing By. "In Joseph's Workshop." Number 47.)
When my work seems mundane, how can I sanctify it? How can I allow it to sanctify others? Through my work, how can I point others to sanctification?

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