Sunday, October 10, 2010

The black zippered case

I saw it on the conference table a few feet away from me. The woman in the next chair seemed to not be concerened with it as the PowerPoint presentation moved forward on the screen. It was a black case, about six inches long and two inches high, secured with a zipper. Instinctively, I recognized it as a a Bible. But it took me a few seconds to recognize the significance: Was there really a Bible at a software design project meeting?

It wasn't actually a Bible. After a few more seconds, I remembered seeing this case at a previous meeting. It was just the woman's schedule planner in a fancy case.

But what if I had a similar case and instead of a planner, I had a Bible. Or, I could have both a schedule planner and a Bible in the same case if both were thin enough. Ordinarily, I wouldn't use a planner. But if it was a way to have a Bible with me during meetings, would it be worth it?

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