Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Special forces assignment

This week, I am taking a software training course at an office complex in Virginia. It is the first time that I have been to this place. After these three days, it is unlikely that I will return again.

I seek to be attentive to opportunities here to subtly share the Gospel. It is almost certain that there is no chaplain here, no formal prayer network, no evangelization teams. Perhaps there are no other "missionaries on-site." This week, I may be the one to make a difference. There may be a specific difference for me to make.

In this place, my mission is unique. I am not a priest, bearing sacraments. I am not a preacher, explicitly proclaiming Christ's words. I am not a social justice activist, correcting inequality. I am an ordinary software trainee, part of "missionary special forces," on particular assignment.

In this place, my mission is not straightforward. If I were a priest, it might be requested, "Baptize this child. Hear this confession. Offer this blessing." But instead, I must look for the hidden possibilities to act upon grace. In this short time, among ordinary exchanges, how can I share Christ's love?

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  1. Great blog! I like the theme and the entries so far. Keep up the good work, Agent PK.


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